Tuesday, July 06, 2010

So sorry

Sorry I haven't been blogging much, but to be fair I've been trying to get my Red Mage at least to level 50 in Final Fantasy XI (NOT AN RPG for those of you who don't know, its an MMO and it's great and its like 8 years old so get over it)
- Only reason I've been playing is because I can't wait for FFXIV. IF you have a great computer you can play it in September 30th which you can pre-order two versions.

- One is a CE or Collector's Edition that comes with an Onion Helm which decreases weakened status when you die. For you World OF Warcraft pussies who play a game that isn't hard and requires NO GROUP EFFORT or respect for other people, weakened status is the 5 mins where you have less HP or MP even while resting. So the Onion Helm will probably shorten the time you are weakened or give you more mp. The Collector's Edition also comes out September 22nd allowing you to play 8 days before the regular edition comes out.

- The pre-order for the regular edition comes with Garland Goggles which allow you to skill up faster. The idea behind this is that, since you didn't that week the CE people did, you will skill ups twice as fast. Skill ups for those who do not know are based on what magic or what weapon you are using. You are a conjurer you are most likely getting elemental and healing magic skill ups, if you are a thaumaturge you will be getting enfeebling magic skill ups. Gladiator= sword and shield skill ups, and so on check na.finalfantasyxiv.com for more class information.

Anyway's for those of you without an AWESOME computer, like me, you can wait until March 2011 (bummer) to play on PS3 (can't wait)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Were you disappointed about FFXIII but not sure if you wanna play an MMO, well if you aren't into a mmo or game in general that is going to be a challenge Final Fantasy probably isn't for you.

Personally I'm excited, I didn't get to play much of XI but my boyfriend had a couple level 75 jobs and since then has got me more and more into it.

If your fear is "dumb" players present in every game but who mainly came out after they made WoW easier, Final Fantasy usually weeds out these people. Its literally a game where you should (and sometimes have to) be nice to fellow players to get shit done.

They'll probably offer a month free when it comes out, so try it. If you don't like it I won't hate you haha.

here's some links to final fantasy xiv information:(they don't look like links but just click it)
Final Fanstasy XIV main site

This is a FFXIV Miqo'te which has been darkened by photoshop (they've released shades for playable races but users still have to speculate a little)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to Vape for Under $25

This blog will teach you how to vaporize your tobacco for about $20. The next parts will teach you the needed tools, techniques, and warnings. Make sure you watch the video at the end. Expect to visit your local home improvement store and your local smoke shop (head shop) unless you already have a nice piece. All that's require after that is an electrical outlet. Note to college kids, don't smoke in your dorms.

Pick 'em up at your local Home Depot and Smoke Shop.

1) A heat gun
I bought mine at my Local Home Depot for $21.69 with tax. The brand is Wagner.
2)A water pipe

Type doesn't matter (but glass on glass is better). I prefer my ash catcher because it is defused and the top of the bowl will get up to 500 degrees and I don't want to touch it. With an ash catcher you can remove the bowl from the bottom. If you do not have an ash catcher than the regular bowl that you use will do fine, just make sure you have a towel or a pot holder (or glove also works) so you don't burn yourself.

How to:
DIY Instructions
1) Let the heat gun warm up for a bit. If your heat gun has a low setting use this. Use the high setting for kief.
2) turn the heating gun off. While the heating gun if still off, place the heating gun on top of the bowl. Beginning sucking out of the water pipe and quickly turn it on the low setting.
Note: If you turn on the heat gun before placing it on the bowl you will blow out product. Once you have turned it on, and no product has blow out you will notice you might be able to take the heat gun off of the bowl a little bit (not much though).

ALSO!!!: This isn't really good for bowls. It's great for snappers or personal hits. I'm the only one of my friends who currently smokes this way so when the buddies come over to use the gun (which they do) we grind a bit of tobacco and then we give out rounds of personal hits. The ony problem with this is you gotta make sure people don't get burned and that they don't hit the product too slow. You also want to make sure you don't roast the product you don't want to burn (NO COMBUSTION) the product. After your hit is done it should look brown like schwag, or maybe if you were a little overzealous its a little black on the top. IF you do burn it you will suffer the consequence of the nastiest tasting hit ever. If you just vape it you will taste the sweetest taste ever.

This is a picture of someone hitting a waterpipe with a heat gun.

I think you're read to vape for under $30

Instruction in video form

For those of you who are more visual learners

Saturday, June 13, 2009

So my birthday has passed

and i've been like drunk for two days basically and high. i've found a new nifty way to make money through clickbank so that's good. and i love me greensmoke cigarette it really help me quit smoking. two greatest things in life that are legal.

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anyways i'm hungrier than a mofo

Monday, June 01, 2009


Yeah I don't get it either. I'm just sitting here watching E3, I'm hating on XBOX360, not XBOX live, but seriously your graphics aren't as good so suck it.

Free website - Wix.com
This is a preview of my new website of wix.com
the complete link is the first link on my Random Clix app on the side of my blog page check it out the about me page has a dancing obama. You can click around on it, here on the website, but it is small and I don't think you'll be able to read anything so just click the link on the side of my page if your interested in seeing the bigger version.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Green Smoke

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Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm bored

I'm pretty bored today I don't really know what to do it's Friday and I feel like i have checked out on school for real.
the university life.

anyways here's another interesting site to help you get out of your economic crunch

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I'm fucking mad at Republicans, I don't hate hate them, BUT seriously I put up with fucking 8 years of Bush and didn't stage a fucking "tea party" once, but fucking Republicans can't even stand like 4 months of Obama that shit is whack. 8 fucking years of your idiot fucking president and you can't even stand 4 lousy months of Obama. Oh go and fucking cry that you got taxed BUT seriously the people who are griping are the only ones who can afford to fucking get taxed like that. So i hope they had fun yesterday tea bagging each other like the fucking homos they are.